A guide to Sand Art for PTA's, schools, clubs & businesses

Are you looking for an addition to your children's party or activity business?  Are you on the look out for additional activities for your Youth group or out of school club?  Do you fancy setting up a Sand Art business?  Are you a PTA looking for something different for your craft table at your School Summer Fair this year?  Well if so, how about Sand Art?   It is very simple to do.  There is no sticky glue involved - you will be pleased to hear!  When the picture is complete it is popped in a cellophane bag and finished with a hook to take home,.  Children love it and just want to do it again and again!  It is very popular at events, easy to do and there is very little mess.  Any mess that does occur is very easy to sweep up.  It is surprising how often people say they haven’t seen it before, so it is something a bit different.  Even adults love it - so it draws in and engages parents too!   We sell the products at trade prices to businesses, registered Charities, Schools and/or PTA's. If you are buying for an organisation we will happily invoice you rather than buying through paypal or with a card in our wholesale shop.   However, this is not a credit facility, it just allows you to send us a cheque or make a bank transfer.  Just shop as normal and select the invoice option instead of checkout.  See more reasons to buy  from us here


Use the yellow stick to peel off the top yellow paper, to reveal a sticky background.


Pour coloured sand over the sticky area using either a bottle or a spoon.  


Tap off the excess sand into a tray or back in the bowl or tub.

Perfect picture!

Repeat the process until you have finished your picture!

Our Products

We sell A4, A5 and A6 cards in our wholesale store.  You will also find all the other bits and pieces that you need, for example, yellow pickers, hooks, and cellophane bags. Our Sand Art pictures are made from thick card, and are much better quality than some of the flimsy alternatives on the market.  The A6 cards are great for busy events where you need the maximum number of children to pass through the activity in the shortest period of time.  We also sell card blanks so that you can fix the finished A6 pictures to make a greetings card with envelope if you so wish. We also sell writable stickers for children to write a message to stick to the back of the cards.

All of our products meet EU  E71 parts 1, 2 and 3 safety standards. Sand Art materials are not suitable for children under the age of 3 years due to the risk of choking from small parts, and children under this age are not generally able to pick off the top layer totally independently anyway. At events some children under 3 do take part, but you should make sure this is under very close parental supervision. 

How to set out your Sand Art activity.

Setting out your Sand Art activity is really easy!  It can be done in a number of ways depending on space available. Each way has it's advantages and disadvantages, but the good news is that you do not have to have any special equipment, and the activity can easily be managed by volunteers with little or no artistic talent! We add an instruction leaflet to the first order of all new customers to give you a guide.

Sand Art Table

If you are going to do Sand Art as a regular event or activity you might want to make a Sand Art table.  Our bowls are fixed to a folding table with velcro.  Prevents any risk of a spill!  We do not sell Sand Art tables, but if you need some guidance on how to make one then please email us on info@sandtasticfun.co.uk

Our own tables have lasted 3 years of very heavy use and are still going strong!

You literally only need a cupfull of sand in each bowl!

Bowls & Tubs

However, you don't need to go to the expense of a Sand Art table if you are not going to be doing Sand Art regularlly or if space is limited. You can actually use any bowls or tubs that you want. Children simply use a spoon to cover the section of their picture and shake the remainding sand back into the bowl. However, don't put more sand than you need to allow the children to spoon it on, just in case you get some mixing of colours or the odd accidental spill.  Really about a cupful is enough!

Bottles & Trays

Alternatively you can buy our Sand Art bottles which are perfect for small hands. Children apply the sand with the bottle and tip the excess into the tray. If you do not have trays, then paper plates are a perfect alternative. There can be more wasted sand with the bottles, but you do not have any bowls to risk being knocked over.  We find children are generally not as wasteful as you think they will, and they also quite enjoy mixing up excess sand to make backgrounds, so the sand does get used.


Our wholesale packs of Sand Art pictures start from 60p per item. We only sell in bulk group sized packs in our wholesale shop, hence the reduced price per item.  If you only want a card or two then visit our retail store here.    

If you are a PTA, school, organisation or business you can request a wholesale account here.  You can browse our products without any obligation to buy, and we give advice regarding the recommended retail price for each item so you can calculate what profits you are likely to be able to make.

If you need any advice or support then we are always happy to chat and share our experience.  Contact us or email us on info@sandtasticfun.co.uk  




"Thank you again for yesterday. It was a great party. Emma had a lot of fun and was very happy. The girls were very proud to show their pictures to the parents who were really impressed!"


My little girl loved doing this at the garden fair Sunday! Will definitely keep this in mind when her birthday comes round!



I was born to do Sand Art


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