How Sand Art and Craft activity works

Sand Art is a really easy children’s art and craft activity – but no specific artistic skills are needed! It means everyone can join in, and they are all proud of their creations.


Use the yellow stick to peel off the top yellow paper, to reveal a sticky background.


Pour coloured sand over the sticky area.  We have over 20 colours of sand to choose from.


Tap off excess sand onto a tray or back into the bowl. Repeat the process until all the sections are coloured.

Perfect picture!

Perfect pictures every time!  See it is very easy to create a perfect work of art!

Sand comes in tubes, bottles or bowls

We have around 20 colours of sand, which gives the children plenty of choice. An art and craft lovers dream! We use sand in bowls or in bottles at events, but also sell it in tubes for art and craft fun at home. Our coloured art sand meets all EU and UK regulations.

With tubes at home

Sand in bottles

Sand in bowls at events

No two pictures are the same!

Although Sand Art is very easy there is still plenty of room for creativity for those who are into their arts and crafts. We actively encourage children to use their own ideas and colours, and find that no two pictures are the same.

Unlike many Sand Art providers, we bring our bottles and trays as well as our bowls of sand.  This means that the more creative and arty children can make different designs on the background or mix coloured sand together thus creating more individualised results.

Bring a little Sand Art kids entertainment to your event this Summer
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"Thank you again for yesterday. It was a great party. Emma had a lot of fun and was very happy. The girls were very proud to show their pictures to the parents who were really impressed!"


My little girl loved doing this at the garden fair Sunday! Will definitely keep this in mind when her birthday comes round!



I was born to do Sand Art


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